Our Story

The Story of Hawras Projects & Int’l Trading Ltd. (dba HPIT) 

Who We Are and What We Do

HPIT was established in 2001 in Amman, Jordan, with the aim of expanding the founder’s business ventures that were established in Baghdad in 1994.

It is said that the most exciting companies are born during crises. It was Iraq of 1994 – a period of unprecedented geopolitical tensions and economic hardships resulting from the embargo – when HPIT founder decided to establish his first office in Baghdad, aspiring to create and develop a qualified healthcare provider that would play an influential role in the overall landscape of the healthcare service ecosystem in Iraq.

Despite the impossibility of planning the necessary foundations for establishing an institutional work that meets the minimum standards in such a difficult circumstance in Iraq’s history, the founder decided to move forward by following a challenging path based on investing in data analysis sourced from professionally recognized sources, aiming to unleash possible initiatives that focused on a patients-centered approach to securing quality services accessible to everyone, even if it required prioritizing innovation support over company growth goals.

Our company takes pride in its firm belief in its founder’s path, which has become a strong pillar in HPIT’s culture to this day.

Our Approach

At the time, HPIT has diligently sought to establish advanced partnerships with a select group of world-class Medical Technology Owners specializing in specific fields. The goal is to reflect on their successful experiences in their respective countries and apply them within the Iraqi regulated healthcare ecosystem in coordination and joint efforts with the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Health and healthcare policy-making institutions.

The persistent efforts of the company’s professionals have resulted in adding medical services and protocols that were not present within the mainstream of the healthcare system. They have contributed to introducing advanced and continuously upgradable technologies that have played a significant role in improving patient care, reducing costs, and enhancing the quality of medical services. This has opened doors to new possibilities in diagnosis and treatment, supported by the necessary regulatory frameworks to assist policymakers to the extent permitted by available resources. This marks the clear crystallization of the company’s mission, which revolves around “Engineering the Future of Medicine.”

Compliance & Trust

Throughout the company’s long operations, flagged by the solid advocacy of the FCPA code of conduct, HPIT has maintained its compliance certification granted by TRACE – an organization specializing in anti-corruption legislative frameworks – for the third consecutive year. HPIT’s extensive disciplined activities earned the trust of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, healthcare providers & the scientific medical societies of Iraq.

Our Impact

Today, HPIT’s name has become synonymous with the specialized healthcare distributor that provides standardized solutions & innovative products for the medical needs of the Iraqi healthcare continuum and continues to remain faithful to its mission and institutional vision.

Mission Statement:

“Engineering the Future of Medicine” for the healthcare delivery system through diligent efforts that align with the regulatory frameworks of the specialized Iraqi entities, associations, and medical institutions involved in providing the service.

Vision Statement:

Aligning our resources and expertise to be at the core of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for good health and well-being of our communities in Iraq.



Active Sites

Our Zones of Operations

Based on our Hierarchical Structure, and our local offices, companies and business units (detailed above), our zones of operations was defined and drawn in a way that secures widest coverage to our market, and to ensure optimum quality of services provided to our customers. Hence, our zones of operations are enlisted hereunder:-
Zone 01

Composed of: Baghdad, Babylon, Karbala and Najaf. The activities of this zone are the exclusive responsibility of our 2 Scientific Offices of Baghdad.

Zone 02
Composed of: Basra, Misan, and Dhi Qar. The activities related to this zone are the exclusive responsibility of Basra Territorial Management (BTM) Business Unit.
Zone 03
Composed of: Duhuk, Erbil & Sulaimaniya. The activities related to this zone are the exclusive responsibility of Kurdistan Territorial Management (KTM) Business Unit Represented by WKH Medical & Scientific Company and augmented with HPIT permeant employee residing there.
Zone 04
Composed of Diwaniya Governorate. Activities related to this zone are conducted by a doctor (who is resident there and is a member of our sales team), and by interactive efforts of both teams of Zone 1 & Zone 2.
Zone 05
Composed of Salah Al Deen Governorate. Activities related to this zone are conducted by Salah Al Dine Business Unit & interactive support from our teams in zone 1.
Zone 06
Composed of Anbar Governorate. Activities are conducted via our Engineering Dept. of 10 full time engineers; a team which is well trained, experienced & can achieve complex tasks of installation, maintenance, service after sale…etc.


We all work at HPIT in line with the philosophy of that we are fully committed to the custody of brands we promote, and work relentlessly to insure their unmistakable success; we make sure, each and every product is treated with zeal and utmost attention. Preserving by all means brand identity, but also bringing in many cases much added value to the brand itself.

We offer our partners an impeccable promotion, customers’ education set-up and logistical services coupled with decades of expertise and local insight.

HPIT name is synonym to a long list of new technologies, surgical techniques & therapeutic protocols, introduced and applied for the 1st time in Iraqi Medical Institutions, covering wide spectrum of medical specialties of diversified yet focused portfolio. We are into depth of complicated Neurosurgery and it’s delicate Brain Valves, passing through Cardiology and the critical Heart Stenting Products, Nephrology and Dialyses Single and Multi Lumen Catheters, Intensive Care products and Access Lines, Urosurgical products and General Surgical Sutures and Instruments, Anesthesia CPAP, Laryngeal Masks… etc… till the end of list that registered several articles that were successfully contracted with Iraqi MOH and successfully embedded into MOH HealthCare System for long time to come.

On the other hand, the engineering aspect of the medical system was also well taken care of and was built up professionally. And again, the long list of achievements clearly speaks of itself; as in the first complete Forensic Laboratory was built with full site renovations and equipment supply from leaders in Genetic engineering technology worldwide.

Also, we were the first to introduce the Mammography Units supplied to over thirty centers specialized in women healthcare and cancer treatment.

Complete turnkey Radiotherapy Centers with top of the line radiotherapy equipment and the highest quality of modern cancer treatment technologies, were introduced to the Iraqi health providing system through HPIT being the exclusive representative of Varian Medical Systems in IRAQ.

Complete Operation Theaters and Clean Rooms were constructed and relevant elements fully installed & commissioned.

In other words, we can proudly say that HPIT is one of the very few players in the IRAQI market who can grant you unmistakable quality management policy; a culture imprinted with our vision and mission statement.