Core Competencies

HealthCare Turn Key Solutions

Engineering Design, Management & Execution:

Through solid partnerships with HealthCare Turn-Key Consultancies, HPIT has a notable record of presenting, providing & executing innovative solutions in the Iraqi HealthCare Landscape. Thanks to the technical & managerial capacity of the in-house engineering & management teams.

Distribution of Medical Devices & Implants’ Technologies

Clinical Procedures, Procurement & Consultation:

Entrusted by renowned manufacturers, we exclusively distribute a vast and classy portfolio of life-saving medical devices and implants in various medical specialties, backed up by training courses for healthcare professionals & caregivers.

Medical Equipment & Hospital’s Service Systems

Engineering & Contracting:

The 28 years of engineering the procurement, installation, commissioning & service after-sales activities of medical equipment and service systems, along with a joint interest with more than 60 world-class manufacturers, accumulates unparalleled experience of the in-house engineering teams, making HPIT a reliable choice for the Iraqi MOH & National HealthCare givers.

Education & Training:

We allocate considerable resources of workforce & funds to implement education & training programs in Iraq & abroad to support the Company’s patient-centered approach.