The vision of our company from the very beginning was to bring into the country of Iraq, top of the line new technology. And for that we take pride in the following achievements:


    1. Five complete Turnkey Radiotherapy Centers were introduced for the first time to Iraq by our company.
    2.  First complete Forensic Laboratory was built in one of the most critical periods in the history of Iraq with full site renovations and equipment supply from leaders in Genetic engineering technology.
    3. Introducing the revolutionary Mammography Systems in Iraq for the first time in the nineties of the past century.
    4. Introducing the Laminar Airflow Systems for the first time in the history of Iraq in the BMT Center.
    5. Introducing a lot of cutting-edge medical technologies, with relevant training for the Iraqi Health staff. Such as:
      • Treating the Urinary Incontinence by TOT.
      • Long Term Dialysis Catheters.
      • Neurosurgical Shunts & Brain Valves.
      • LED Phototherapy Units.
      • Trans Cranial Doppler.
      • Peripheral Vascular Grafts & Stents
      • Hearing Screening Systems.
      • Till the end of the list that registered several articles that were successfully contracted with Iraqi MOH and successfully embedded into MOH HealthCare System for long time to come.